10 tips for raising children

10 tips for raising children. The most relevant issue in particular is the issue of how to raise their children in a way, because of its great influence and impact on the physical, mental and psychological development of children and the formation of their personality. Provides means of upbringing and education earlier, in her spare time there are other medical means.

10 tips for raising children. The most relevant issue in particular is the issue of how to raise their children in a way, because of its great influence and impact on the physical, mental and psychological development of children and the formation of their personality. Provides means of upbringing and education earlier, in her spare time there are other medical means.

10 tips for raising children

Don’t compare your son to anyone


Parents usually tend to compare their children to those who are more successful than them in order to motivate them and make them better, but what these parents and even some teachers do not know sometimes is that these comparisons may be a reason for their children’s failure in the future, because the child is unique and aware, so do not expect her to be A copy of others, because his true strength is in his uniqueness and awareness of that uniqueness, makes him a small person trying to be this simple so as to please his parents and his community, we shut down what people who are repeatedly tortured for the first time from their childhood, to their low confidence and inability to face others and take the word in front of The public and sometimes from mental illnesses such as shyness, and personality disorders.

Personal and reliable information, personal, reliable and balanced, that derives its strength from the attached school, like this example, and other attentional relationship such as saying: “I try to organize my clothes just like this person, did you succeed in that?”

Be a good example to him


The best way to raise children and teach them the right behavior is to set a good example for them. The child learns by imitating what his parents have done since the early years of his childhood, and even considers the behaviors issued by the parents to be correct behaviors despite what may be tainted by error, so do not try to ask From your son to stop eating junk and unhealthy food and you in return eat it in front of him, because the child believes in what he sees from you and not in what you say in theory, so before you ask your son to stop lying, you as a father try to be honest, the same for moral and transactional values On the other hand, always try to be a role model from which your son sees honesty, respect, solidarity, appreciation, honesty, and other desirable behaviors.


Accomplished scientific studies in the field of sociology of education have proven the efficacy of the method of education by example, both in an educational and educational community, and in a community that is conscious or unconscious of imitating its parents and its living environment, and they seek to improve and engineer behaviors in front of them.

Boost your child’s self-confidence

Again, an important educational task is your son’s self-confidence, but how is that?

Ways to boost your child’s self-confidence
There are several ways you can build confidence in taking it on your own:

◇ Ask him to do something for you and tell him he does it well.

Exception in front of colleagues and others.

I look at him and his attention and advise him well when he waits for parents and others.

Do not criticize his appearance in front of people, even as a joke.

◇ Do not interrupt him while he is talking to you or others.


don’t scold him


Violence of all kinds, whether physical or physical; such as beating or psychological symbolism; Scientific studies have proven that being beaten since childhood makes him make him make him appear in the state of his nature, and scientific studies have proven that being beaten since childhood made him make him appear in the picture, and more than that, hitting the child and his river, and more than that. .

At the level of the world, especially in developing countries, they help to kill a child at home or school as a crime punishable by law because of its negative negative effects on the child’s personality and his healthy psychological and physical development.

increased violence towards him. Therefore, never resort to violence in raising or educating your son, and make dialogue a solution to problems and education


Involve your son in doing the things he loves


The principle of participation is very important in raising a child, no matter how worthy it seems to be drawing or other activities, the effects of reading in terms of the development and emotional self of children.


emotional reward

Reward your son emotionally for the simple things he does every day. An emotional reward, such as cuddling your son or complimenting him with a kind word, has a huge impact on him, sometimes even more than lavish material gifts. Complimenting, praising, and giving your son more love and hugs will inevitably make him more responsive to desired behaviors.


Teach your son the limits of his body


One of the necessary things in raising children is to teach them the limits of their bodies, for the body is sacred, so we must adapt to it according to the laws of its childhood so that he realizes that this body belongs to him alone and he is like that. It may not be violated by strangers, and even by relatives without his permission, this may seem strange, but it is healthy not to forcibly kiss children, change their underwear in front of them even before the age of five, or allow them to change their clothes. Clothes in front of others whether they are family, friends or strangers, as this makes them aware of the limits of their body well and protects them from various types of harassment and rape.


Be happy

Some studies conducted in the field of educational psychology have proven a causal relationship between parents’ constant anxiety and depression and the negative performance of their children, whether in terms of behaviour, movement or mentality, although there is no genetic evidence for this. Children who grow up in a happy environment are more effective and successful, so educational psychologists advise removing children from the atmosphere of intense discussions between parents and making the parents themselves happier, but how can you do that?

* Don’t complain while looking after your children or your home.

* Make time for yourself every day to do things for yourself, such as taking care of your skin, exercising, breathing exercises, and yoga. This may not take more than thirty minutes, but its psychological and behavioral payoff will be high for you and your children.

* Accompany the happy, as it is said that happiness is contagious, so be sure to accompany happy friends and neighbors who start jokes and positive thoughts, and stay away from those who absorb your positive energy by complaining and complaining, because this will inevitably affect your personality. Your mood and psychological state will be reflected in your behavior with your children and family.

* Take care of learning colors and smell have a great impact on our children and their psyche, try to achieve their goals and your children.


Make your son self-reliant


Parents usually do several things on the pretext that the son does not yet know how to do them, or that he is still young for that, and this behavior is completely wrong and implants in the child dependence and dependence on others, and even makes the child less confident in himself and reluctant to deal with his duties, so Always make sure to leave your son on his own whether in arranging his room, brushing his teeth or doing his homework, all you can do is just guide and teach him. To him, your son has always taught that he has the ability to do all that belongs to him, to be a person who improves his self-reliance and takes responsibility for his obligations from a young age.


Don’t punish him if you don’t set controls

It is necessary in raising children to establish a rule of laws and rules that the child must know and understand, so before you complain about your son’s misbehavior and punish him for it, you must first teach him that this is a mistake within an implicit concept. List of educational rules. For example: before you complain about your son eating ice cream or candy in large quantities or on an empty stomach, you must first teach him the law of it; “Dessert and ice cream after the main meal because eating them on an empty stomach may cause him to have colic or health problems.” Also, before you punish your kid for eating with a dirty hand, teach him the rule of washing hands thoroughly before eating anything.


In the end, it can be said that the process of raising children is a long-term process that requires us to make an effort to understand them and help them grow physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Do not be the father of intensive care and let him play even in the dirt or mud, this benefits his immunity. As for permanent cleansing and sterilization to the point of obsession, it is not beneficial to the health of your children, whether physically or psychologically, and always be sure to encourage and motivate your children because this increases their performance at all levels. And make dialogue is your basic principle in raising children.


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