Hello dear visitor, Buzfed.net is a site that gives you tips to maintain your safety, and through these tips, you can take care of yourself and maintain your safety.

Why are we doing this?

A healthier population
Every year the percentage of overweight people is increasing in most European countries and throughout the world. Recent statistics show that more people die every year from problems associated with overconsumption of food than from malnutrition. We want to stop this risky trend and show as many people as possible that everyone can eat healthily.


That’s why we create recipes that:
With our articles about health and nutrition, we want to provide all interested people with information that will help them stay healthy or become healthy with simple and natural means. We base our articles and information on available scientific evidence as much as possible

Of course, there are no scientific studies for every naturopathic measure. However, naturopathy is many thousands of years old and the wealth of experience in many naturopathic healing methods is correspondingly large. Studies therefore often only confirm what has been known for many years. Existing scientific evidence is therefore not the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of a measure. And a lack of scientific evidence does not automatically mean that a measure cannot work.

Our topics

Almost every day we publish new interesting articles and news on the following topics:

Naturopathic concepts for diseases and chronic complaints
Holistic health prevention
Healthy nutrition – vegan and alkaline
Diets and their pros and cons
Current research results from naturopathy
food portraits
Recommended dietary supplements and their properties
Practical tips for a healthy life
Natural and healthy body care
Raising children and the best ways to deal with them
And much more!

Our articles are also regularly updated and read and checked by at least one other expert before publication.

Everyone shapes their own life and health

Our goal is to give people courage, to show them how strong they really are and how strong their body’s self-healing powers are. We want people to recognize how they can actively shape and influence their lives, their happiness and their health. This also includes shaking up the sole claim of conventional medicine. It is unacceptable that there should be no other way than conventional medicine in the case of illness and that people are considered irresponsible just because they doubt the advice of their doctor and question it and want to inform themselves – simply not because they are responsible for others and want to go healthier at the same time.

We, therefore, point out the shortcomings of conventional medicine so that everyone can freely decide which conventional medicine measures they would like to use and which ones from naturopathy. So it’s not about rejecting conventional medicine outright, but about being able to choose what’s best for you from every area.

Conventional medicine is indispensable in emergency medicine, surgery and above all in objective diagnostics, but due to its symptom-oriented approach, it is not always effective in the causal therapy of chronic diseases.


You, our followers

The last and most important reason we are here is YOU – our followers. Support and your feedback help us to develop at an almost rocket-like speed and push us further and further. And we hope that we will support you with a healthy lifestyle and the right orientation in the broad sphere of the world for as long as possible