The best time to eat to lose weight

We will talk about the best time to eat to lose weight. And we will rely on the method of intermittent fasting, which remains for a long time without eating. Because this treats a condition called insulin resistance. Which is a condition in which insulin rises. But do not benefit from it, and with its presence you will not lose weight. Intermittent fasting fixes that.

Eating program to lose weight

When you pass intermittent fasting. And you eat three meals, two meals, or one meal, (if you want to learn more about the eating program, it is recommended to read the topic of the fastest way to lose weight). Increases growth hormone, a fat-burning hormone. Most people won’t be able to eat just two meals a day. You can also start with three reduced. Click here to find out the best plan to follow. If you want to lose a lot of weight.

The best time to eat to lose weight

Time to eat is 11:30 am. Then the second meal at 5:00 pm. If you can’t, eat the meal half an hour before. The point of eating the 11:30 meal is to satisfy yourself. Don’t eat a small meal, but rather eat a large meal that contains protein, vegetables and healthy fats.

Don’t skimp because you’ll be hungry and can’t wait for a second meal. But if you feel very hungry and have problems with blood sugar. You have to go back to three meals a day because you are not used yet.


The results of following a time to eat with the eating program

You will feel that the stomach is less bloated and will feel that it is shrinking because in this way you burn belly fat and it is considered the best way to burn belly fat because in this way you control the level of insulin.

Do you have fears and anxiety about entering the body into starvation, do not be afraid, this will not happen because the average body has a sufficient stock of fat, the goal of eating two meals is to have your body lunch on the fat between the time of the two meals and the ability to move from burning fat while you eat and move to burn stock The fat is in the body and you are not eating, this transfer is controlled by insulin and when you treat it with fasting you will get used to it and it will become easier.

You will get used to it, because the biggest problem is people getting used to eating snacks when they come home, and the biggest obstacle is overcoming the habit of eating a lot.
This will make you feel healthier and better for your mind and cognition and will also treat all other problems associated with insulin resistance, but as I said if you are a newbie, start with this topic first any of three meals a day without snacks and then move to two meals until you reach your goal and then decide whether You want to continue eating two meals first because this depends on several factors.

If you are young, you will need three meals, as well as if you exercise, you need three meals
Some people exercise and eat only two meals and are in good health, but they have come a long way and not from day one.

When you enter the phase of burning fat, it will be difficult to go back to eating sugar because you started using an internal energy source, by the way, you should know that fats and ketones are the original fuel for our body in the past, and we did not move to lunch on sugar until recently, about a hundred and fifty years ago, and this is natural because The body loves to burn fat, but nowadays we must practice intermittent fasting to achieve this.

a summary

So this is the fastest way to lose fat and lose the most weight; Eat only two meals a day, but most people should start with three meals a day and gradually move to two meals a day. The best time to eat is 11:30 AM and then 5:00 PM. Add protein, greens, and fats to every meal. You will be able to go longer if you add more fat to a meal.

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